Accelerated Improvement Model

It's the foundation for improvement

We believe that our Accelerated Improvement Model joins things together. Change should be evaluated, and negative impacts mitigated, before the change is executed

The most successful companies in the world, like Toyota, and Airbus, understand that businesses are a collection of processes. These processes form systems that govern how the company operates. This systems approach is what makes them successful, and helped us design our Accelerated Improvement Model.

We dream of small businesses operating with the same level of understanding. To try and make this happen we built AIM. AIM is a systems approach to improvement. It is based on our work with global companies like Moog, UTC, and Goodrich, and also our research into what makes companies successful.

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It joins up your performance and your customers expectation

Anna and Doug have both worked in global corporations, and have owned, and run SMEs. They understand what your customers, and their customers require from a good supplier. Their experience has also taught them the limitations in resources that SMEs face.

AIM was designed to help small businesses understand what good looks like, and meet their customers needs whilst improving their own returns.

“Midaero helped us prepare for new markets – Aerospace & Nuclear. They redesigned our systems so that we could meet the rigorous demands of our new markets and customers.

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It helps everyone understand their role in change

When we start to implement AIM we focus on culture and values, right alongside organisational design. Roles and Responsibilities are at the heart of creating an efficient team, and organisation. It also important the people are positive towards their own goals, and those of the company.

Change Management is another foundation of the AIM model. We help people understand why change is necessary, and debunk their fears. AIM helps to debunk people’s fear of change by communicating with them better.

Midaero have helped us unlock the ingenuity, and expertise of our people. This has increased engagement with our objectives, and driven improvements in productivity across our manufacturing, and support processes. Doug & Anna fit into the team seamlessly.”

It simplifies strategic planning

The Accelerated Improvement Model has a focus on strategic planning and execution. The strategic element is based on a Policy Deployment Matrix. This is a way of linking long and short term goals, and building an action plan to execute the plan.

AIM adds to this policy deployment approach, with a set of monthly measures that can be used to inform decision making.

Midaero have helped us understand where we are going, and have delivered a plan to get us there. We feel that with their help, we are unlocking our potential. This helps us to meet our goals, especially on cost reductions, and efficiency improvements.”

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