Success isn’t something that just happens to your business. It is an outcome of collaborative hard work of leaders and followers, built on trusted values. With a spirit of being the best at what they do. Since we left our corporate positions at Moog Aircraft Group, our leadership team have helped companies like yours to improve the way they do things. We have lots of experience of the systems that big organisations use to drive growth and improvement. Using this knowledge we developed the Accelerated Improvement Model. The point was to bring together all the elements of our successful consultancy, and industry experience.


accelerated improvement model; aim; business system

The vision – to help you lower your costs, improve your quality, and improve your delivery. All whilst becoming a great employer. AIM is our way to enable your business to systematically assess, and improve every aspect of your performance. Helping you to achieve sustainable success.

Fuelled by a set of common values, the Accelerated Improvement Model guides you through a continual cycle of positive change. It encourages your talented people to create, deploy, and execute exceptional strategies. They will use world-class tools, to design repeatable processes, that get exceptional results, time and again.

The Accelerated Improvement Model is an exceptionally cost effective way to get structured improvement fast. It is a model that provides structure and confidence to our relationship with our clients. Its sole purpose is to get you the best results in both the short and long term. It also engages employees, and helps them to constantly understand their accountabilities and the performance of their processes. Moreover they can use this knowledge to make better decisions about the future.

The accelerated Improvement Model enables people to improve processes that realise better products.

Each of the four cycles of AIM brings a strength to the whole that when combined, has far more potency than when used alone.




AIM’s culture cycle will strengthen your organisational community and allow people to be truly engaged. It will also help reward those who try their best to add value to your company.



The Strategy cycle will let you create bold strategies to advance intellectual property, better develop and leverage knowledge. Moreover, you will produce better products more efficiently. These strategies are created, and deployed, using our strategic deployment tools. Tools designed to achieve organisational goals by maximising the effectiveness of people, processes, and assets.



The Improvement cycle provides tools to assess, feedback, and improve processes with the least possible amount of waste. The Compliance cycle is designed to drive quality, regulatory, and legislative adherence. Also, ensuring that your processes meet all stakeholder demands.



Our Organisation cycle recognises that people are so important to success. They need to understand, be comfortable with, and engage with change. They also, need to consider the risks in everything that they are doing.  We use risk management tools to minimise risks in our actions. This helps us create a stronger company, more challenging experiences, and supports even greater levels of success.



To find out more about how the Accelerated Improvement Model can help your business to grow, and improve.

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Doug Allen, Director

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